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Simonis X1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner

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Simonis X1 Cloth Cleaner

The Simonis X-1 is a high-tech cleaner for removing chalk dust from your billiards table and works using static electricity and capillarity. A traditional brush only moves chalk dust around on the cloth. A vacuum cleaner may damage the cloth if improperly used. Foam products may discolor the cloth and cause it to loosen. The Simonis X-1 is a hand-held device that deeply extracts chalk dust from the cloth and retains it in its structure. The X1 is easy to clean which allows indefinite use. Instructions for use are included.

Please note that the Simonis X1 is designed for use only on worsted cloth such as Simonis and ProForm and not recommended for use on napped or teflon treated cloths such as Mali 865, Mali 865T, Brunswick Centennial, etc.. A more complete description of this product can be seen at the Simonis X1 Web Page.
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