Simonis 860HR (High Resistance) Pool Table Felt Cloth

Simonis 860HR is a commercial grade cloth known for durability, pro quality, performance and accuracy. Simonis 860HR combines the strength and performance of the Simonis 760 and Simonis 860 blends. It has the same blend of wool/nylon (70/30) as Simonis 760 but with the same thread count as Simonis 860. Simonis 860HR is slightly faster than Simonis 860. Combed worsted wool, high thread count and wool content assure long lasting wear and reduced ball burning. Nap-free and will not pill, fluff or shed. Available in the 4 colors shown below. All Simonis 860 orders are precut. Your package includes 1 piece for the slate, 6 pieces for the rails and a rack spot. Simonis 860 pool table felt cloth is cut to order, inspected for flaws and marked to indicate TOP side. Please note that colors displayed on this page will vary from monitor to monitor. Pro Billiards is not responsible for slight variations in cloth colors.

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Simonis 860 Tournament Blue Pool Table Cloth Felt
Tournament Blue
Simonis 860 Green Pool Table Felt Cloth
Simonis Green
Simonis 860 Blue Green Pool Table Felt Cloth
Blue Green
Simonis 860 Royal Blue Pool Table Felt Cloth
Royal Blue

Why Choose Simonis?

Simonis is the oldest and most experienced billiard and pool table felt cloth manufacturing company in the world and the only textile mill dedicated solely to producing cloth for pool, carom, pyramid and snooker. Simonis is the truest playing cloth. This means that it will provide the best play, accuracy and consistency possible on any table. The balls do not touch the slate, they only touch the cloth. Simonis plays better and longer all the while allowing you to play your best. Because it is the most accurate cloth it allows you to play better which allows you to more fully enjoy the game. An investment in Simonis is an investment in your enjoyment.

Simonis pool table felt cloth is incredibly smooth without a felt-like fuzziness. Simonis does not wear like nappy woolen cloth which eventually develops tracks or grooves in the cloth and sheds short fibers that constantly need to be removed. With Simonis, ball spin is consistent and the roll stays straight and true on every shot. Smooth, even threads assure a consistent speed, English and cushion rebound. High wool content and worsted thread construction takes ball spin more consistently and helps reduce ball burns. This precise construction provides outstanding accuracy and consistency which is why Simonis has remained the choice for tournament play.

Simonis pool table felt cloth starts with very fine combed wool yarn. This long-fiber wool is then tightly-twisted and woven (the worsted wool process) into cloth. Then it is specially sheared perfectly flat and finished in a tradition of craftsmanship that the Simonis mill in Verviers, Belgium pioneered and has refined for over three centuries. The result is a beautiful precision cloth that achieves the smoothest, most accurate and most consistent playing surface available. The tight weave prevents penetration of dirt and chalk dust and the twist of the worsted threads allow the fabric to naturally resist liquid spills and stains thus greatly increasing the fabric's life as well as making it easy to clean.

Resisting liquid spills has always been a part of Simonis cloth. Simonis pool table felt cloth naturally repels liquids due to use of the finest worsted wool, an optimal thread count and a proprietary manufacturing process. This keeps liquids from penetrating the cloth and allows spills to be cleaned up quickly without staining or damaging the playfield. Simonis does not chemically treat the cloth because chemical treatments could actually reduce the cloth accuracy and quality.

Insist on genuine Simonis pool table felt cloth. Purchasing Simonis from a reputable dealer assures you are getting a genuine product which is marked as shown here. The Simonis mill manufactures one product - cloth specifically designed for the billiard sports which includes pocket pool, carom, snooker and other billiard games. Simonis is an ISO 9001 certified company that continously strives for product improvement.