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Simonis 860 Pool Table Felt Cloth - BLUE GREEN

Simonis 860 pool table felt is designed for all pool games and best for 9-ball. The accuracy of Simonis 860 makes it the pool table felt cloth most often used in professional tournaments. Combed worsted wool, high thread count and wool content assure long lasting wear and reduced ball burning. Nap-free and will not pill, fluff or shed. A 24 oz cloth made of 90% wool / 10% nylon and available in 22 colors. All Simonis 860 orders are precut. Your order package includes 1 piece for the slate, 6 pieces for the rails, a rack spot and a Free box of color matched cue chalk. Scroll down for help on determining the correct size Simonis 860 pool table felt to order for your table.

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Free Cue Chalk Offer
We include a 12pc box of
color-matched cue chalk
with Simonis cloth orders!

$258 - 7' table
$320 - 8' table
$343 - 8' pro table
$370 - 9' table
$449 - 10' table
Simonis 860 Blus Green Pool Table Cloth Felt
Blue Green

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Your Simonis 860 pool table felt cloth is cut to order, inspected for flaws and marked to indicate TOP side.
Colors displayed vary from monitor to monitor. Pro Billiards is not responsible for slight variations in actual color.

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How to determine your table size for pool table felt orders.
How to measure your pool table image Measure the distance between the side rails where the ball hits the cushion edge. Your table may vary up to +/- 3/4" from the correct measurements shown below.

If Measurement is: Order for this Table Size:
39" - 40"
7' pool table
8' pool table
8' pro pool table (oversize)
9' pool table
10' pool table