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Simonis 300 Carom Table Cloth

All Simonis 300 orders are precut for the bed and rails. Simonis 300 (Rapide) is a high-speed worsted cloth designed for carom billiards and is approved by the International Carom Federation for tournament play. Combed worsted wool and extra fine threads assure the accuracy and speed required for carom along with long-lasting wear. Nap-free and will not pill, fluff or shed. Simonis 300 is available in 3 colors shown below and manufactured, cut and packaged specifically for carom tables. Your Simonis 300 is cut to order, inspected for flaws and marked to indicate TOP side. Please note that colors displayed on this page will vary from monitor to monitor. Pro Billiards is not responsible for slight variations in cloth colors.

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Simonis 300 Green Carom Table Cloth
Simonis Green
Simonis 300 Delsa Blue Carom Table Cloth
Delsa Blue
Simonis 300 Blue Green Carom Table Cloth
Blue Green

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